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Inspiring STEM Teacher Workshop

The Inspiring STEM Teacher Workshop will focus on how teachers can integrate a multi-disciplinary approach when designing curriculum, foster discussion about innovative teaching and learning approaches and provide authentic curriculum links to their teaching ideas.

The comprehensive suite of workshop opportunities available will be led by Australian Curriculum Writer, Mrs Anna KinnaneSparkLab Sciencentre Experience Queensland Museum, Modern Teaching Aids, the Sheldon LINQ Academy and Award-winning and inspiring keynote speaker Dr Catherine Ball.

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Date: Tuesday 8 June, 2021
Time: 8.00am to 3.30pm
Venue: Queensland Museum, South Brisbane BC, 4101
Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face
Cost: $220.00 per person

Morning tea and lunch will be provided. Tea and Coffee will be available for purchase.

What to Bring

Bring yourself and a device (devices and software will be provided for those who need access for particular workshops).
We will organise the rest, including lunch and morning tea, as well as an array of classroom-ready resources to take away.

The Inspiring STEM Workshop is suitable for primary and secondary teachers looking to improve their understanding of the Digital Technologies curriculum, Science, Mathematics and the General Capabilities.

Capacity: 40 Teachers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD Record Professional Teaching Standards:

1. Know your students and how they learn
3. Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
6. Engage in professional learning

Award-winning and inspiring keynote speaker – Dr Catherine Ball

‘Every day is a school day’: The future of education and the age of the never graduating student.

Micro-learning, non-accredited training, virtual classrooms, immersive avatar experiences, gamified learning, haptic suits, virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and app-based teacher tracking…whatever happened to sitting and making notes in the classroom with a textbook?

Workshop Program Information

Participants will choose from the following programs during 3 rotation sessions throughout the day:

As one of the writers of the Australian Curriculum, Digital Technologies, Anna is passionate about supporting teachers to further develop their skills and understandings of this new curriculum. This session will discuss strategies for integrating Digital Technologies with other learning areas in primary school.

Curriculum areas: Digital and Design Technologies

Presented by Anna Kinnane (QCT).

Explore fundamental computational thinking by developing students understanding of sequencing, mathematical concepts including coordinates, distance and locations. A series of lessons and challenges will be showcased that promotes the discovery of the world around us.

Curriculum Areas: Digital Technologies, Science, Mathematics
Curriculum Tools: Robotics (WeDo and BeeBot), Dash, Ozobots, Sphero

Presented by the Sheldon LINQ Academy.

Through virtual reality tools, explore different materials such as diamond and graphite, experience the size of an atom and interact with 3D structures. Dive into deep mathematical problem solving virtually. Participants will also explore how to create their own content for use with iPads, Cardboard Merge cubes and other multimodal AR content.

Curriculum Areas: Year 6, 7 and 8 Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Mixed Reality resources (Oculus G0, Co-Spaces), Microsoft OneNote, various Mobile Applications

Presented by the Sheldon LINQ Academy.

Participants will take on the role of the student by engaging in sample teaching and learning experiences that have been mapped against ACARA content descriptors for Year 5 Digital Technologies, Science and Mathematics. Teachers will explore remote locations by simulating the teleportation to Mars.

The year is 2030. Six unmanned spacecraft left Earthbound for Mars as part of the Neo-Genesis Mars Missions. Using drone technology and robotic devices – can you prove life can be sustained on Mars?

Curriculum Areas: Digital Technologies, Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Custom-designed maps, drones, Ozobots, iPads

Presented by the Sheldon LINQ Academy.

This workshop is a hands-on experience for beginner and experienced teachers interested in engaging students in coding and building possibilities that effectively teach problem-solving, critical thinking and more. LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is easy to get started and use, adaptive to meet your pupils varying abilities, and scalable based on their level and curriculum requirements.

Learn how you can teach STEAM following the progression of the SPIKE Prime units aligned to the Australian curriculum and build your students’ confidence. Look at ideas for running and facilitating hands-on lessons as well as discussing classroom management tips with time for questions.

Curriculum Areas: Upper Primary and Years 7 and 8 High School Teachers

Presented by James Dwyer, Business Development Manager – STEM & Robotics

SparkLab is Queensland Museum’s premier STEM experience. As a learner-centred space, SparkLab asks students in Prep to Year 8 to be a scientist; being curious, asking questions, testing out their ideas, making observations and sharing and talking about their findings. SparkLab focuses on science inquiry skills, design thinking, creative problem solving and building confidence.

As part of the Inspiring STEM workshop program, teachers will receive an overview of SparkLab as a STEM learning space, participate in a hands-on SparkLab experience and find out about resources to support your STEM teaching.

Presented by Queensland Museum.


08 Jun 2021


8:00 am - 3:30 pm



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