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Supercharge Your Teacher Superpowers


A Conference for New and Beginning Teachers

As there is no superhero without superpowers, we asked teachers, which superpower they’d like to have that would help them rock their classroom? From freezing time to teleportation, there was plenty they dreamt of, and from here, the Sheldon LINQ Academy, powered by Griffith University School of Education and Professional Studies, has built a series of workshops delivered by superhero educators for new and beginning teachers to supercharge their superpowers.

Unfortunately, you will not come away from this conference with a bladder of steel, eyes in the back of your heads, or Wikipedia-like knowledge, but you will leave with new serious teaching talent.

As true superheroes, teachers spend most of their time helping others, inspiring greatness, and going above and beyond expectations and this event is another example of this. Design your own learning path, partake in a learning tour, connect, and network with other colleagues and leave with new and emerging superpowers to take back to your classroom.

Only 40 superhero places are available. Secure your spot now!

Date: Friday 15 October 2021
Time: 8.45am to 3.15pm
Venue: Sheldon LINQ Academy
Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face
Cost: $100.00 per person
Audience: Beginner teachers, pre-service teachers, leaders of pre-service educators within schools.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided.


Seminars will be delivered by Sheldon College Academic Staff and Griffith University Academic Staff. The LINQ Academy presenters have been awarded an AQF Level 10 or 9 and have over 10 years of teaching experience.

Workshop Mapping

The seminars have been mapped against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at graduate stage with the intention that the workshops will support the teachers to move to proficient status.


Meet Australia’s first Memory and Cognition Learning Coach, Mr Russell Bauer. Russell will share how the use of ‘Songification’ and ‘Gamification’ can engage students’ imaginations to increase long-term memory and recall. He will encourage you to think like 5-year-olds do, to enhance visualisation and association techniques.

Russell will give you some tips on how to infuse specific memory techniques into classroom practice such as:

  • encoding and recalling information using vibrant and imaginative imagery
  • developing students’ short-and-long-term memory skills
  • building capacity for expanding students’ working memory


“If I had a superpower, I would want to be the best teacher in the world.”

By engaging with teachers in Early Learning through to secondary classrooms you will have the opportunity to speak with students about their learning and teachers about their teaching. Sharing of best practices is the best way to see educational theory come alive in classrooms. You will be able to see educational theories in action presented by Dweck, Fullan, Sharratt, Marzano, Vygotsky and Fisher, Frey, and Smith.

Teachers will reflect on pedagogy, engage with students, and understand how learning is translated from the textbook, into the classroom.

Digital learning artefacts and interactive online learning and teaching: The new “normal”

Griffith University academics have been researching the preservice teachers who are creating asynchronous self-authoring and self-publishing digital learning artefacts and exploring technologies for synchronous immersive interactive online learning and teaching. The results have positively disrupted their teaching practices and heightened student engagement with subject content knowledge. In this session, we’ll share the highlights and inspire you to nurture your digital superpowers.

Interactive with Think Drive online tool.

Thinkdrive is a one-stop digital resource developed by itc publications and is designed to make teachers life easier. With thousands of downloadable resources, including writable templates and interactive activities, thinkdrive takes the hours out of preparation time for teachers and empowers students to become independent learners.

Presenter – Gerard Alford is an author and the Director of itcpublications.com.au established in 2002.

Superpower Session Workshops

Participants will choose from the following “Superpower” programs during 2 rotational sessions throughout the day.

Workshop Program Session 1

“If I could just keep all my students engaged, at all times, and more importantly, no matter the topic, that would be the best superpower ever.”

This session enables teachers to gain insight into teachers’ explicit use of cognitions in the classroom, as well as authentic examples of the interpretation and application of achievement standards and standard elaborations to inform assessment design. New and beginning teachers will investigate samples of formative and summative assessment strategies that focus on the student learning processes as well as the learning outcomes.

“If teachers had the mind-reading superpower, we will better understand what our students are thinking and feeling.“

This workshop provides teachers with strategies and resources relevant to instructing the whole student including processes for differentiation, emotional and social learning that target impactful practice for all students. New and beginning teachers will investigate and explore how to make meaningful and purposeful connections with students. They will understand how to differentiate instruction through emotional intelligence to build student capacity.

Workshop Program Session 2

“I would love to teleport my students to space and explore unexplored corners.”

This workshop unpacks the research methodology and findings on the implementation of technology that proves to have an impact on student success. This hands-on workshop allows new and beginning teachers to experience different modes of Edu-Tech tools including STEM tools, mixed and virtual reality tools and simple tools that can foster inconceivable experiences such as students doing their Maths on the classroom ceiling.

“I would just love to be able to stop time and just talk to the students about their learning and our plans for teaching.”

This student-led panel will allow students the opportunity to share with teachers how they best learn so that teachers can charge their superpowers in catering for student success. Teachers will hear from students about what makes them motivated and how they can feel accountable for learning. The intent of the panel is to promote the enhancement of professional growth so that teachers help young people achieve their dreams and aspirations

The intent of the panel will promote the enhancement of professional growth to not only improve individual teaching practice but also to expose student voice.


15 Oct 2021


8:45 am - 3:15 pm



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