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17 02, 2021

What are the minimum device requirements?


Screen Size: Screen Size 13” (Minimum). Operating Systems: MS Windows 10, Mac OS 10.15.X. Computer Speed and Processor: Minimum 256GB SSD Storage, 8GB RAM and Intel Core i3. Browser Requirements: Chrome 80 and 81, Edge 80 and 81, Safari 12 and 13 (Macintosh only).

What are the minimum device requirements?2021-02-17T12:22:21+10:00
17 02, 2021

What learning resources will the students need?


Non-Digital Resources Students will need to have basic stationery such as pen and paper. A dedicated workshop booklet will be emailed to all participants and this could be printed. Digital Resources The following hardware is required: Laptop with Camera, Microphone, Earphones. Secondary device such as a Smart Phone or hand-held [...]

What learning resources will the students need?2021-02-17T12:21:07+10:00

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