Students Engineer Holiday Workshops

In the June school holidays, over 50 students enjoyed one of four practical workshops. Students worked collaboratively with the LINQ Academy staff, problem-solving, prototyping and implementing a range of solutions.

Students in the Design Like an Engineer workshop built structurally sound bridges for a programmed Sphero (spherical robot), to navigate across their designed paths.

The LittleBits Engineers worked in teams to build a robotic throwing machine, the ultimate bubble machine and a drawing bot to create robotic art. Students also had the opportunity to explore their own invention using light, sound, sensors and other circuitry components.

The SumoBot Challenge saw students build, code and test their very own Robotic Sumo champion! Using skills of mechanical engineering, physics, and programming the students designed formidable fighting machines. Throughout the day, students participated in short Sumo Championships to test their strategies and hone their designs.

Congratulations to the visiting students. Your engagement, problem-solving skills and willingness to work with other young inventors was outstanding.