Winter Holiday Student Workshops

We’ve had a great time connecting, designing, and innovating with young people from across southeast Brisbane.

Although we were interrupted by a lock-down, nothing stopped the students from saving The Great Barrier Reef by simulating solutions to preserve and protect underwater marine life using Minecraft Education Edition, Unity, Virtual Reality, and developing enterprise skills through the $20 Boss Program.

During the Deep Dive Minecraft Workshop, students were guided by our specialist Virtual Reality Developer to design an underwater experience demonstrating solutions to conservation that will protect our oceans and the wildlife that lives on and around them. Students collaborated over 2 days unpacking how scientists are restoring The Great Barrier Reef and then ideating their own solutions. Students simulated their experience using a variety of technologies allowing them to explore their creations underwater using virtual reality.

Congratulations to all our students who engaged in the $20 Boss Program. This program introduced students to enterprise skills, problem ideation, and solution generation. Each student was provided with $20 seed-funding along with the opportunity to exercise leadership, build decision-making skills, and increase their ability to work in a team. Students also had the opportunity to connect with Margaret O’Brien (Cofounder and CEO of Young Change Agents) as part of an online mentoring Zoom session.

Join the LINQ Academy during their National Science Week Design a Drone Competition powered by World of Drones. Find out more here.

To find out more about these exciting workshops visit the School Holiday Workshop page.

Upcoming Holiday Workshops

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