What We Do

The Sheldon LINQ Academy has a suite of programs, products and services to provide advanced learning solutions that deliver maximum impact for all unique learning needs. These include:
  • Consulting and strategic planning services
  • Workshops and short courses
  • Masterclasses
  • Credentialing programs
  • Learning Tours
  • On-demand learning and resources
  • Career development or pivot programs
  • Professional learning communities and networks
  • Open access facilities

Catalyst Program

The Sheldon LINQ Academy, in collaboration with Catalyst and Professor Stephen Heppell, offers a unique 12-month program that encourages schools to work in cross-functional teams through an innovation process to create new responses and novel solutions in the context of technology capabilities.


EduTech PD

The Sheldon LINQ Academy has an expansive suite of services designed specifically for educators at all career stages and locations, both locally, nationally and internationally.