“Spark Experiences” School Incursions

The Sheldon LINQ Academy has all the best in school incursions. We offer a diverse range of workshops, exposing young people to entrepreneurial skills, robotics, drone technologies, design thinking programs, coding, and mixed reality development.

Our In-School programs are designed for students in Years 3 to 8 and are facilitated by highly regarded registered QLD teachers. Our incursions can be hosted on-site at your school campus, or at the Sheldon LINQ Academy.


Dates: Monday 15 November to Friday 10 December 2021
Times: 9.00am to 2.30pm (times can be modified to suit your school context and/or booking requirements)
Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face
Capacity: 40 to 60 students (we can run multiple streams to accommodate additional students)


From $30 per student + GST (min 40 students)

  • Price includes two registered QLD Teachers from the Sheldon LINQ Academy.
  • 1 member of your school staff is required for supervision.
  • Schools can also use this as a PD opportunity for participating teachers.

The daily schedule will be developed in conjunction with the lead teacher or facilitator at your school.

We will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to booking time to set up. Please allow 10 minutes change over time between each session.

The Sheldon LINQ Academy staff will attend a pre-incursion visit to determine if the room or classroom is suitable for the workshop and connect our hardware to WIFI.

If WIFI is not available, we can supply our portable WIFI. We request that a screen, SMART Board, or projector with HDMI or Wireless projection is to be provided at the venue (if possible). We provide all other equipment.

Schools will be invoiced for their selected programs. The booking will not be confirmed until both the school, centre, or other party and Sheldon LINQ Academy have confirmed availability. Bookings should be made with a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice.

Photos and videos may be taken during the incursion for promotional purposes on our website and social media platforms. If schools have students listed on a non-photo register, please inform us in writing before the incursion.

Any cancellations made within the 14-day time frame will be subjected to credit to be used towards a future incursion. In the case that you wish to cancel within the 14-day time frame and do not agree to a credit for future use, 30% of the total invoice will be non-refundable.

All resources and technology provided included:

  • iPads
  • VR/AR Technologies
  • Devices
  • Robotic Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Challenge Maps and Activities
  • Take-Home Resources

Equipment damages caused during the incursion by any participant will be on charged.

Spark Experiences


This one-day workshop consists of a series of design-thinking workshops including prototyping a drone idea that can fly, swim or crawl. Students will work in teams to market their design idea, develop a business logo and pitch their design. They will also develop a short pitch video entry into the ‘Design-a-Drone’ Competition for a chance to win their very own take-home drone.

Participant’s unique final creations being submitted to the highly renowned competition run by World of Drones Education.

Year Levels: 4 to 7
Curriculum Areas: Digital and Design Technologies, Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Custom-designed maps, consumables, iPads, Zoom call with Dr Catherine Ball (additional fee).

Design Like an Engineer

During this workshop, students will learn to think like an engineer by using the engineering design model to solve challenges. Students will use Makerspace resources to learn how to build structurally sound bridges for a programmed spherical robot, to navigate across their designed paths.

Designers will work collaboratively to engineer their structures, code their robotic device and compete in a Robotic Bridge Challenge.

Year Levels: 3 to 5
Curriculum Areas: Digital and Design Technologies, Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Robotic Sphero, Consumables, iPads, Custom-Design Maps.

Design Like an Enginner

Hands-on-STEM Mars Mission

The year is 2030. Six unmanned spacecraft left Earthbound for Mars as part of the Neo-Genesis Mars Missions. Using drone technology and robotic devices students are tasked with proving life can be sustained on Mars. Students will engaging in sample teaching and learning experiences that have been mapped against ACARA content descriptors for Year 5 Digital Technologies, Science and Mathematics. Students will explore remote locations by simulating the teleportation to Mars by using Drones and Ozobots to deploy a mission.

Year Levels: 5 to 8
Curriculum Areas: Digital and Design Technologies, Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Custom-Designed Maps, Drones, Ozobots, iPads.

Robotics Hackathon

Students will be guided to unleash their inner engineer and learn how to automate Robots. Students will use Robotic equipment to create and code a drawing bot, build their own robot and compete with other robots in a Catapult Competition. Students will also create their own additions to your custom-made robot to further increase its capabilities! Brainstorm real-world problems and ways you could solve them using robotics – bring your ideas to life.

Year Levels: 3 to 7
Curriculum Areas: Digital and Design Technologies, Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Consumables, Catapult Balls, EV3 Robotics, iPads.

Mixed Reality Maths and Science

A full day of Middle College Maths and Science where students will engage with virtual reality tools to explore different materials such as diamond and graphite, experience the size of an atom and interact with 3D structures. Students will dive into deep mathematical problem solving virtually and also explore how to create their own VR/AR content for use with iPads, Cardboard Merge cubes and other multimodal AR content.

Year Levels: 7 and 8
Curriculum Areas: Years 7 and 8 Science and Mathematics.
Curriculum Tools: Mixed Reality Resources (Oculus G0, Co-Spaces), Merge Cubes, and VR Head-Sets.

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