The Sheldon LINQ Academy April Holiday Bootcamp was a hit!

Our recent holiday workshops took place over 3 days and brought together all of Brisbane’s young Innovators and Future Makers, Thinkers and Techies! 

Each day was packed with a series of plugged and unplugged activities along with peer-building activities allowing students to get to know each other and make new friends and connections. 

Our day one participants created their own holographic experience using a custom-made hologram template as well as turning their paper-based spaceship and rockets into 3D objects and then displaying them on the Learning Galaxy – a multi-use large interactive touchscreen display. Using MergeEDU, students explored and created their 3D object simulations which they could touch, hold and interact with. 

Students who participated in the RoboticHackathon spent the day coding and engineering their LEGO Education robotic device. Students entered their robot into a catapult ball throwing competition before designing and testing their custom-made water-based ocean cleaner simulation using Sphero Technologies.  

Our final workshop encouraged students to navigate their way through a series of design-thinking activities to prototype their very own VR experience. Students worked across different roles collaborating to design and code their experience before testing it using VR equipment such as the Oculus Go and the Vive. 

Bookings are now open for our July Workshops here, the Sheldon LINQ Academy offers a diverse range of workshops, exposing young people to entrepreneurial skills, robotics, drone technologies, design thinking programs, coding, and mixed reality development. 

To find out more about these exciting workshops visit the School Holiday Workshop page.

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