Program Overview

The programs are designed for students to actively engage in dynamic and innovative learning experiences, thereby creating opportunities for students think critically, creatively and innovatively, whilst providing them with opportunities to further develop 21st century skills.

Working with highly skilled educators who are recognised leaders within Australian education for delivering cutting-edge learning opportunities, the students will engage in educational workshops using a range of new and emerging technologies and tools in state-of-the-art facilities.

Our Academy programs are full-day workshops designed for students of all ages to ignite curiosity and spark creativity and innovation. No previous experience is required.

These programs can be tailored for Primary and High-School aged students. Groups of students must be from the same school and must be accompanied by a support teacher or agent.

Benefits of the Programs

  • 21st Century Skills – Develop skills and mindsets to create future ready-students
  • Fun-filled & Hands-on Learning – Active and dynamic educational learning experiences
  • Emerging Technologies – Opportunities to use, explore and play with new and emerging technologies
  • Innovative Educators – Opportunity for students to engage with innovative Australian educators
  • Learner-Centred – Programs are learner-centred and can be customised to meet the age of each school group with no experience necessary.

Mixed Reality Program

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – The Mixed Reality Academy Program engages students’ curiosity to learn and create using virtual reality and mixed reality tools whilst immersing students in new worlds of learning that would normally be unimaginable.

This program will enable students to build and code their own experiences. With no experience necessary, students will, by the end of the workshop, develop 3D holographic objects and a new virtual reality experience. Students will then be able to share their virtual world that they create with their family back home by means of headsets which will be provided at the conclusion of this program.

Entrepreneurs’ Academy Program

This program is designed to be a crash-course in entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. Engaging in this program will give students insights, basic skills and confidence to pursue and create their own business venture in the modern and ever-changing world.

Students will work in teams to generate ideas and solutions to solve real-world problems and then develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills to turn their ideas into a profitable business. Students then build a brand and develop a pitch strategy to showcase their vision and highlight the features of their solution.

Video Editing Crash Course

This Academy program will develop a range of media skills with students creating their own videos by taking inspiration from a variety of styles, perhaps telling stories, making documentaries, or producing their own music clips.

This program will help build creativity and communication capabilities that are required for the jobs of the future. Working in our state-of-the-art media and T.V studio, using green screen technology, students will work collaboratively to plan scripts, undertake the roles of director, actor and film crew, and finally develop editing and post-production skills.

Please note final projects will be uploaded to a private Video Sharing Channel sent directly to the School Co-ordinator.

Rapid Prototyping Program

Students will be actively engaged in this hands-on workshop to gain an understanding of basic design thinking principles and rapid prototyping.

Students will be required to harness their imagination, creativity and apply fast-paced problem-solving skills to create their innovative design to meet the design brief using electronics, 3D printing and laser cutting. Students will be guided through the design process, tinkering with a range of tools and technologies to create a prototype to trial and test their ‘out-of-the-box’ solution. Students will have the opportunity to create their very own invention using light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, motors, etc.

Drone Academy Program

The Drone Academy Program introduces students to the world of drones and provides unique opportunities for students to engage in and explore this emerging field.

Students are given the unique, hands-on opportunities to learn practical applications of the engineering and science behind flying drones, as well as highlighting the potential of drones to solve real world problems. The program provides the design and construction of a micro-drone, practical flying skills, and an opportunity to apply learning in drone missions including team challenges, such as search and rescue, code-breaking operations, and obstacle courses.

Drone Program

Robotics Program

During this workshop, students will build and code a robot to compete against one another in a Robot Competition and create a rescue from a simulated victim from a disaster zone.

This workshop will provide students with the opportunities to learn about gearing systems, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and autonomous programming. An in-house competition will be conducted at the conclusion of the workshop whereby students will develop group work, resilience and sportsmanship skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the programs for groups or individuals?

These programs can be tailored for Primary and High-School aged students. Groups of students must be from the same school and must be accompanied by a support teacher or agent. The support staff will be responsible for the behaviour of students during the program.

Do schools need to be engaged in a study tour at Sheldon College to participate?

No. International schools that are being hosted by other local Queensland schools can also book a Sheldon LINQ Academy excursion as part of their Queensland educational experience.

Duration of the program?

Programs are designed as a single, full-day excursion. Start time- 9:00am, Finish time- 3:00pm.

Transport to and from the venue?

The Academy Programs are full-day educational excursions. Individual tour groups can provide their own transport to and from the venue, or alternatively this can be arranged for an additional cost.

Group size?

Minimum numbers are 10 students. Maximum numbers are 30 students for 1 program. For tour groups with more than 30 students, tour organisers could select two programs e.g. the Robotics Program and Mixed Reality Program which means 50 students are still able to participate. This program may be run at the same time on the same day, subject to availability. Alternatively, the same program e.g. Robotics, can be booked for two different groups but on different days, subject to availability.

Catering Options?

Students can provide their own morning tea and lunch, or catering can be provided at an additional cost.