One of the most powerful things schools and institutions can do is to bring like-minded teachers and leaders into a room to share tried and tested quality practice.

This has been the essence and driving factor for the 2021 LINQ Academy Twilight TeachMeet series.

During the three-part series, over 100 highly motivated educators gathered to share lesson ideas, resources and support each other outside of the traditional conference and formal meeting settings.

The power of the TeachMeet series is that they cross pollinate traditional boundaries; teachers from both the public and private sector come together, along with pre-service teachers, universities and renowned industry leaders who all share a common goal around helping students and their educators.

The 2021 Season was held in collaboration with special guests and aligned to contemporary educational trends, offering teachers the right amount of everything – readings, strategies, professional dialogue, and networking.

Prior to each TeachMeet, a VLOG was released providing the opportunity for future TeachMeet participants to learn more about the themes and special guest. Each TeachMeet was recorded and captured the sharing of each presenters’ practice, research, and knowledge. Cam, Adriano and Nicole encouraged teachers to have agency when considering feedback practices, to give permission to lead and to know one’s self. These key tenets were sensational in providing teachers with perspective.

Thank you to our special guests, Adriano Di Prato – Educational Entrepreneur, Dr Cam Brooks – University of Queensland and Nicole Dyson – Founder/CEO Future Anything for charging each of us with new knowledge, skills, and dispositions. The program’s success is also attributed to each of the TeachMeet 7-minute presentations from educators in Victoria, Queensland, Canberra and South Australia.

Watch the Videos

Theme: Feedback & Self-Regulatory Learning
Special Guest: Dr Cam Brooks – University of Queensland

Theme: Leadership in Schools
Special Guest: Adriano Di Prato – Educational Entrepreneur

Theme: Innovative Curriculum Design
Special Guest: Nicole Dyson – Founder Future Anything


Wow – Another great session! So much gold in these presentations. I got something from all of them and am grateful for their time.  I have also joined ‘a School for Tomorrow’ after Adriano’s presentation last time. I desperately wanted to share his content with the admin team at school but have been advised to wait until January when everyone is fresh and ready to start again. Watch this space!

I also used (from the first TeachMeet) the model of formulating a success criteria using a sample passage and a non-passage and getting the students to draw out the differences as their SC! My team loved it and we’ve adapted it for Preps.

Thanks so much for organising these and bringing this exciting journey of innovation to life and making it practical for us!

Mrs Marie Taylor - Prep Year Level Co-ordinator , Carmichael College