Future Proof Learner Series

31 03, 2021

Curiosity is Like a Superpower


For many years’ educators have been able to access a range of evidence based information about high impact instructional teaching strategies. However, teachers have had less opportunity and exposure to the wealth of information about the neuroscience of learning. Curiosity is a human instinct. It is a hidden force that drives learning. The more curious we are, the more we learn [...]

Curiosity is Like a Superpower2021-03-31T15:59:59+10:00
21 11, 2019

Grit Counts


Parents who are looking for every opportunity to ensure their child has the best education possible to ensure a successful future in an uncertain and rapidly changing world must not underestimate the importance of grit. Angela Duckworth, a professor of psychology believes that grit counts twice as much as [...]

Grit Counts2021-02-01T11:01:23+10:00

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