Supercharge Your Teacher Superpowers Conference

As true superheroes, teachers spend most of their time helping others, inspiring greatness, and going above and beyond expectations. Our recent Supercharge Your Teacher Superpowers conference was another example of this.

The 1-day event charged over 40 new and beginner teachers with superpowers, skills, knowledge, and dispositions that will rock their classrooms. Although participants did not leave with a bladder of steel, eyes in the back of their heads or Wikipedia-like knowledge, they did leave with some new serious teaching talent. The program was included an array of superpower break-out sessions, keynote speaker, learning tours, student-led panels, and special guests.

With over 5 rotational sessions including ‘Thinking Like a 5-year-old’, ‘Shapeshifting Learning’, ‘X-Ray Vision’, ‘Teleportation’, and ‘Freezing Time’, the pre-service, new and beginner teachers left the conference with resources, ideas and strategies that will prepare them for years to come.

Thank you to our conference partners, Griffith University School of Education and Professional Studies and ITC Publications Think Drive.

View our Superpower sessions below. The Sheldon LINQ Academy Team (experienced classroom teachers and leaders) are available to deliver these workshops on-site at Sheldon College or at your school.

Workshop Program Session 1

“If I could just keep all my students engaged, at all times, and more importantly, no matter the topic, that would be the best superpower ever.”

This session enables teachers to gain insight into teachers’ explicit use of cognitions in the classroom, as well as authentic examples of the interpretation and application of achievement standards and standard elaborations to inform assessment design. New and beginning teachers will investigate samples of formative and summative assessment strategies that focus on the student learning processes as well as the learning outcomes.

“If teachers had the mind-reading superpower, we will better understand what our students are thinking and feeling.“

This workshop provides teachers with strategies and resources relevant to instructing the whole student including processes for differentiation, emotional and social learning that target impactful practice for all students. New and beginning teachers will investigate and explore how to make meaningful and purposeful connections with students. They will understand how to differentiate instruction through emotional intelligence to build student capacity.

Workshop Program Session 2

“I would love to teleport my students to space and explore unexplored corners.”

This workshop unpacks the research methodology and findings on the implementation of technology that proves to have an impact on student success. This hands-on workshop allows new and beginning teachers to experience different modes of Edu-Tech tools including STEM tools, mixed and virtual reality tools and simple tools that can foster inconceivable experiences such as students doing their Maths on the classroom ceiling.

“I would just love to be able to stop time and just talk to the students about their learning and our plans for teaching.”

This student-led panel will allow students the opportunity to share with teachers how they best learn so that teachers can charge their superpowers in catering for student success. Teachers will hear from students about what makes them motivated and how they can feel accountable for learning. The intent of the panel is to promote the enhancement of professional growth so that teachers help young people achieve their dreams and aspirations

The intent of the panel will promote the enhancement of professional growth to not only improve individual teaching practice but also to expose student voice.


This was hands down the best PD I have attended so far as a new teacher. Sincere thanks to the team at Sheldon College for making myself and my colleagues feel welcome on campus. All presenters were very engaging and provided us with useful content that I felt was directly applicable to our craft.

The workshop was fantastic and super engaging. I have learnt so much and have been inspired by it and the people I have met.