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Entrepreneurial skills, Design Thinking and Problem-Based Learning Programs

Online Workshops for International Students2021-07-20T13:55:25+10:00

#TakeAction Online Workshops

The Sheldon LINQ Academy Online Workshops for International students are 2-day, 1.5-hour workshops offered across two dedicated sessions exposing young people to entrepreneurial skills, design thinking programs and problem-based learning.

Our Online Workshops for International Students are designed for high school students and are aimed at unpacking solutions to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Work with the LINQ Academy to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The following workshops will allow participants to address a global challenge and propose ways to make a difference.

Our programs are delivered by experienced qualified Sheldon College teachers who have an extensive background in delivering Study Tour programs. Places are limited to no more than 20 students per workshop.

Bookings Open Now.

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What learning resources will the students need?2021-02-17T12:21:07+10:00

Non-Digital Resources

  • Students will need to have basic stationery such as pen and paper.
  • A dedicated workshop booklet will be emailed to all participants and this could be printed.

Digital Resources

The following hardware is required:

  • Laptop with Camera, Microphone, Earphones.
    Secondary device such as a Smart Phone or hand-held device.

The following software is required:

  • Adobe XD Software – Licences can be provided (only required for The Social Technologist)
  • Download and install Zoom. Students are not required to create Zoom accounts.


What are the minimum device requirements?2021-02-17T12:22:21+10:00
  • Screen Size: Screen Size 13” (Minimum).
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows 10, Mac OS 10.15.X.
  • Computer Speed and Processor: Minimum 256GB SSD Storage, 8GB RAM and Intel Core i3.
  • Browser Requirements: Chrome 80 and 81, Edge 80 and 81, Safari 12 and 13 (Macintosh only).
What are the minimum WiFi Internet speed and WiFi requirements?2021-02-17T12:23:28+10:00

To ensure participants have a seamless virtual experience, it is recommended a minimum bandwidth of 512 kbps connection.

Test your connection in the environment you participate in the Online Course here.

Where can I find additional help regarding the Program?2021-02-17T12:26:47+10:00

For further information or technical support please email:

[email protected] or
[email protected]

What is the minimum English requirement?2021-02-17T13:09:34+10:00

The minimum English requirement is Intermediate.

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