About the Sheldon LINQ Academy

The Sheldon LINQ Academy is a learning institution with state-of-the-art facilities and access to new generation tools and technologies to inspire the transformation of learning for students, educators and the wider community.

It caters for several different levels of learning, including school holiday workshops, international student and teacher incursions, excursions and a newly formed Initial Teacher Education Pilot program.  

The Sheldon LINQ Academy is dedicated to rethinking current educational models by inspiring tomorrows educators to challenge current educational paradigms and mindsets. It also aims to prepare future-ready students by empowering learners with the knowledge, technology and skills, in addition to educating the community both locally and globally to enable, engage and connect. This impact statement led to the 3 Pillar philosophy of: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Educators , Preparing ‘future-ready’ Students and Educating the Community.

  • Professional Education

  • Student Education

  • Community Education

Our Partners

The Sheldon LINQ Academy Team acknowledges that one of the important facets of continuing the learning journey is developing relationships with relevant industry partners who are also on the cutting edge of enhanced pedagogies and digital technologies.