Game Changers – Entrepreneur Pathway Program

Member for Redlands, Kim Richards inspires and amplifies opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Redlands.

The exclusive LINQ Academy Game Changers Entrepreneur Pathway Program led by Peta Ellis offers an adult education and enterprise program open to Sheldon College parents and the broader community.

Member for Redlands, Kim Richards endorses the program and has provided a sponsorship place to Sheldon College parent and aspiring entrepreneur Ann-Maree Kellerman. “For me, this is an opportunity to learn new ways to approach my startup business with the program’s insider tips and hints that are geared towards creating a solid foundation for business growth,” Ann-Maree Kellerman said.

The program’s first cohort is 6 weeks into the hybrid course work which includes online 1:1 mentoring, community engagement, and guest speakers combined with self-paced modules. Led by Peta Ellis, Startup Community Activator and Ecosystem builder with a history of collaboratively growing the innovation sector across Australia. Founding 4 companies of her own, Peta Ellis plays a pivotal role in Startup ecosystems.

“When I read the program, I thought I would really love to do this myself, to consistently have a fresh set of eyes of our business ideas. I would like to support someone else to do the program. I think it is important to be able to access those skills and training right here in the Redlands. I have no hesitation to offer this opportunity to someone in the Redlands to participate in” Kim Richards said.

Ann-Maree Kellerman and her business believe doing this program will help their team build the conference and understanding of the business world to turn their idea into a working company one day. “As a Sheldon College parent, it is a great opportunity to have access to this program” Ann-Maree Kellerman said.

If you are courageous and willing to make real change, join Peter Ellis from EverydayEntrepreneur365 and the Sheldon LINQ Academy in their exclusive Entrepreneur Pathway Program. Registration information is available here.

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