Sheldon LINQ Academy Partners with SMART Technologies and ENS Interactive.

We are proud to announce that the Sheldon LINQ Academy has partnered with SMART Technologies and ENS InteractiveThe convergence aims to help teachers and students leverage devices, content and platforms to develop interactive learning experiences, provide meaningful feedback and deeper collaboration with our students We specialise in integrating Google, Microsoft and LMS platforms with SMART tools.  

Recent times have no doubt caused the greatest disruption to educational institutions in generations, with students across the globe being required to learn off-campus and teachers encouraged to teach from afar.  The Sheldon LINQ Academy, along with SMART Technologies and ENS, acknowledge that whilst 2020 has been a disrupted year of learning, the technologies adopted for everyday learning such as SMART, allowed for an easy transition in extraordinary circumstances.   

In collaboration with ENS, Sheldon College (our founders) deployed SMART Boards and the SMART Learning Suite Online throughout their Kindergarten to Year 12 classrooms, positioning teachers at the forefront of online learning and innovation in education.  Our approach to remote learning reflects the proud history as a leading organisation in technology implementation.  

How Can We Support You? 

The Sheldon LINQ Academy, in partnership with ENS, has an expansive suite of services and products designed specifically for educators. These programs can be offered remotely, on-site at the Sheldon LINQ Academy, or in your school setting.

To learn more about our programs and on-site teacher professional development courses, please visit: 

“Until recently, I was a hesitant user of technology. The SMART Board in my room has changed that significantly and has transformed the way I teach notation and composition skills to both early learning and Junior College children. The SMART Board made the videos I was making so much easier to prepare, and the SMART lessons have made the composition segments of learning more visually stimulating for students. Having to make lesson videos forced me to learn to flipped learning strategies and I now have a bank of music lesson videos on YouTube developed with the SMART Board. The LINQ Academy was so supportive of my plan for delivery and worked hard to help me get all set up”

Mrs Heidi Esdaile, Music Teacher, Sheldon College

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